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What Is A Satellite?

The word "satellite"; brings to mind a small, specialized device, orbiting around a larger body, whose sole purpose is to provide support in a targeted area. That is what this HR/IR Satellite® service is all about.

Many organizations have internally staffed full-service Human Resources departments, that attend to all internal needs with minimal assistance of outside help.

Others, because of small size or because they deliberately keep fixed cost employee overheads to a minimum, look for creative ways to service their Human Resources/ Industrial Relations needs on a strictly as-needed, premium service, competitive cost basis. All of our satellite products are rooted in a personal "consultant connected" relationship. The primary relationship will be rooted in our "Employment Advisory Service", which guarantees each client timely access to real live people for advice on issues pertaining to Human Resources or Industrial Relations. The satellite concept provides a service connection between our organization and yours, which will enhance the existing personal supports we provide.

For company information please contact: sales@hrirsatellite.net

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