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Devine Inventory

The Devine Inventory™ provides a robust behavioural profiling platform to provide succession planning, organizational development, benchmarking, behavioral testing, corporate team building, and preemployment behavioural screening. We understand that an organization's most valuable asset is people. Our mission is to help you build strength in people for optimal performance.

We customize a solution for the unique needs of each client using enterprise-wide assessment and development tools that are scalable for large and small organizations. Our expertise and assistance for Human Resources and Executive Management fully support a company's investment in people, maximizing productivity and profitability.

What is the Devine Inventory™ System?

The Devine Inventory™ is a behavioral profiling instrument representing 30 years of experience in the area of human resource assessment.

The Inventory™ consists of 177 items, many of which are in the form of paired statements. The completion of the instrument requires 30-35 minutes and individuals are requested to work at their own pace with or without supervision.

Features: Totally web-enabled system that allows individuals to take the Inventory™ online with a secure PIN number.

Benefits: A system that is operational 24/7 and profile information that is available to individuals and decision-makers when needed.

Users: Companies of all size and industry. Management, Human Resources & individual employees.

The Devine Inventory™ Measures 33 Behaviors:

Aggressiveness Ego Negotiating
Authority Relationships Emotional Composure Planning
Closure Goal Orientation Presentation Style


Influence Response to Change
Communications Initiative

Schedule Orientation

Competitiveness Instructiveness Self Responsibility
Concentration Intensity Sociability
Conflict Management Intimacy Structure
Creativeness Learning Task Completion
Decisiveness Listening Time Competency

Detail Mindedness



Used by more than 500 organizations, The Devine Inventory™ is useful in the areas of:
  • Employee Selection & Promotion – CoreSelect & CoreCheck
  • Employee & Management Development – CoreDevelop & CoreCoach
  • Organization Development  & Organizational Cultural Assessment – CoreTeam & CoreCulture

  Sample Results

    - CoreCoach

    - CoreDevelop

    - CoreSelect

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